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The excess noises flowing through our society can be distracting and sometimes overwhelming. It makes some people become unaware of what's truly important. Urban Zen is a brand founded by Donna Karen. It is an philanthropic brand that spreads awareness in preserving culture, empowering children, and the well-being of people. This video montage was produced as a marketing video summing up what Urban Zen represents.

[Music] New Scene (feat. Ofelia) [TOKiMONSTA Remix] by Felix Cartal


Music Buzz is a music visualiser created with processing. Music flows through our bodies like streams of electrical currents. To portray that sensation, the hexagons of Music Buzz react to sound waves mimicing the buzz that runs through our bodies.

[Music] Trouble in The West by KOAN Sounds


We are being judged upon by social stigmas on how we should behave and who we should be. Endless invitation is a protest against such perception. There's an boundless pool of possibilities ready for anyone to explore. In order to tap into that inexhaustible flow of creativity and opportunity, you have to see things with a wider perspective. Once you do, the world will tansform into an endless invitation.

*Shot in Salks Institute

[Music] Coat of Arms by Nosaj Thing


How can we be sure whether or not what we're experiencing is an underlying sense of oneness? In search of the answer, we dance in a pool of emotions: love, lust, infatuation, frustration, doubts. Sometimes we get hung up on certain ideas of a situation, because it provides us a beautiful place to go in our minds - even when that beauty is painful.


*Data collected with Kinect sensors during live performance

[Music] Skip Divided by Thom Yorke


The world can often make us feel undiscovered. We are trapped within uncertainties. We wonder aimlessly while we long to establish a sense of belonging. Through out the journey, we unwillingly camouflage ourselves. Terrified of the uncertainty, we present an illusion of oneself by painting layers of perception and protection. Is concealment truly easier then to contain multitudes?

[Featuring] Sharon Lee

[Music] Closer by JMR


Sea horses are sentimental and elegant creatures. Through meticulous observations within seahorses' micro universe, you will find beauty in its simplicity and romance. True lovers are one soul that is seperated when it's born, and those two halves will always earn to find their way back together. When a seahorse find its other half, their lives orbit around eachother. It's them and the infinite.

[Music] SLO by Giraffage


Instructional video that introduces you to the basic art of coffee cupping.

[Music] The Coffee Song by Frank Sinatra (Mike Prendergast Cover)

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