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Urban Zen is a philanthropic brand created by the founder of DKNY, Donna Karen. The following is a hypothetical project to re-brand and advertise Urban Zen.


FINAL copy.003
FINAL copy.004
FINAL copy.005
FINAL copy.006
FINAL copy.007
FINAL copy.008
FINAL copy.009
FINAL copy.010
FINAL copy.011
FINAL copy.012
FINAL copy.013
FINAL copy.014
FINAL copy.015
FINAL copy.016
FINAL copy.017
FINAL copy.018
FINAL copy.019
FINAL copy.020
FINAL copy.021
FINAL copy.022
FINAL copy.023
FINAL copy.024
FINAL copy.025
FINAL copy.026
FINAL copy.027
FINAL copy.028
FINAL copy.029
FINAL copy.030
FINAL copy.031
FINAL copy.032
FINAL copy.033
FINAL copy.034
FINAL copy.035
FINAL copy.036
FINAL copy.037
FINAL copy.038
FINAL copy.039

The excess noises flowing through our society can be distracting and sometimes overwhelming. It makes some people become unaware of what's truly important. Urban Zen is a brand founded by Donna Karen. It is

an philanthropic brand that spreads awareness in preserving culture, empowering children, and the

well-being of people. This video montage was produced as a marketing video summing up what Urban Zen represents.

[Music] New Scene (feat. Ofelia) [TOKiMONSTA Remix] by Felix Cartal


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